Girina Pandit

"I had the honor of having Neha do my bridal mehndi for my wedding and she was the best choice I had made! Her punctuality, kindness and keeping me at ease during such a stressful time are just some of her outstanding characteristics. I'm a huge Disney fan along with being a proud University of Arizona Alumna, and I wanted to showcase those details in my mehndi. Beauty and Beast is a Disney movie my husband and I relate to and she was able to incorporate the movie details in my mehndhi! *Just look at my photos!* Not only that, the day of my mehdni, Neha was running an insane fever, and anyone else in her shoes would have cancelled. She knew how much this event means to brides and wouldn't let her illness ruin my big day. On top of that she remained meticulous and thorough with her design work and wouldn't let anything get in the way of her one-of-kind masterpiece. She remained a true professional and that kind of unselfishness is what makes #theNehaAssarExperience the best out there." 

Aditi Nim

"I genuinely believe every bride should start her wedding with the NehaAssarExperience. Neha is obviously an incredibly talented artist (see my mehndi pictures), but more than that, she's a pleasure to have around. Her positive energy, can-do attitude and humor puts everyone around her at ease. She's easy to communicate with as well, and very flexible. I asked her for specific designs two days before my wedding, and she was able to accommodate the request with no problems. And the designs, of course, were everything I wanted and more. Thank you for a wonderful experience, Neha! "

Ritika Kahandal 

"Neha is just an amazing person all around ! Once she enters your home she is another member of the family. She is so easy to talk to while she is making her magic on your hands and feet. Loved every minute of the experience with Neha!! She is so talented and can deliver any design your mind desires."

Nirali Gajera 

"I cannot express how amazing my experience was with Neha. She truly is an artist in every way possible.  As the bride your tensions are already high, but knowing I could completely trust Neha to create a one of kind mehndi design made the entire process fun and exciting.  My husband and I love hip hop and he is a huge Jay-Z fan.  He is from the east coast and I am from the west coast, so we always had that internal battle of west coast vs. east coast.  Although I wanted a modern twist to it, I still wanted the traditional art to be involved.  Neha was able to incorporate our backgrounds and interests so harmoniously into my mehndi.  I couldn't have imagined anyone else I'd rather share the experience of getting my bridal mehndi with, something that is filled with so much tradition and sentiment.  #theNehaAssarExperience was truly magical for me and I cannot thank her enough!" 

Anju Gupta

"I love Neha's work!! Her designs are absolutely gorgeous! She is very dedicated and passionate about her work. And it shows when her designs are done. I highly recommend her." 

Shareena Kumar

"Neha embodies the true artist. Her work is not only individual, creative, modern, and authentic, but she strives to challenge herself on a daily basis. Having done my bridal mendhi over two years ago, I know just how enjoyable and important that day is for a bride. Girls look forward to it for their whole lives. Neha doesn't take this task lightly. She personalizes each bride's mendhi artwork to make them happier than they knew they could be. I love every piece of work that Neha does. Either bridal mendhi, canvas artistry, or even my cell phone cover. I never get tired of seeing her artwork!!!"

Lynn Calvert

"I can't say enough about Neha and her talent! From the moment I met and reached out to her she has been a beautiful soul. I booked her for a friends 50th and when I tell you she went above and beyond the call of duty! Personalizing everyone's henna. Even my teammates wife that was pregnant at the time she put lil baby feet as a honoring of the baby to come. It was so sweet! Neha has always stayed in touch and is very responsive anytime I reach out to her for anything. We'll forever be friends."

Arti Chawla

"I met Neha through a friend who knew I was looking for someone to do henna from my wedding. I checked out her work on Instagram and was blown away! How can one person do this amazing art so quickly and effortlessly?? I enjoyed watching for time lapse videos and new I had to book her immediately! She was so personable and friendly when I met her that besides having a wonderful application of mehndi, I also made a new friend  I can hardly believe that each of the designs are so unique and personalized - mine had special icons from Chicago and my now husband's name beautifully designed into what looked like embroidery on my hands and feet. It was truly magical and I'm so lucky to have had her as part of my wedding! Thank you, Neha!" 

Priya Jani

"I had the pleasure of having Neha do my bridal henna for my wedding 10 years ago and still get compliments on how detailed and beautiful my mehndi had turned out! Neha is one of the most talented and professional artists that you will come across in this industry. I found Neha to be very reliable, personable and very respectful of my needs during my wedding. She took the time to listen to what I wanted in my design and then incorporated my thoughts into her work without flaw. Her work is amazing and speaks for itself. I have seen her work over the past 20 years and have seen her mature and blossom in her talent. She has grown from bridal mehndi to customized mehndi and even to working on celebrities…through it all, she is still the sweet, down to earth, humble artist that I knew years ago. She is truly one of the experts in this field and is always striving to grow her creativity and talent. Neha does everything freestyle and is quick and focused when she works. Every design of hers is unique and is consistent with quality and creativity. If you’re looking for a creative artist who will leave a lasting impression for your special event, then I would definitely recommend hiring Neha!"

Michi Slaughter

"After following Neha Assar Henna Artistry for a couple of years on Instagram I decided for my birthday I would treat myself to getting mehndi on my hand. I admired how beautiful all of her designs are. So a couple of weeks before my birthday I booked an appointment. She was very accommodating because my schedule changed the day of my birthday but she was really nice and worked around my schedule. I had the pleasure to meet her and she created the most beautiful design on my hand. I received SO many compliments. I strongly recommend!"

Darshi Amat

"I have been friends with Neha since we were teenagers because we went to the same high school. Since then I've seen her amazing henna designs through social media and had to have the BEST when I was getting married. No one even matches her level of creativity when it comes to henna! My husband is Peruvian, and being friends with Neha she knew that and sketched an amazing Peruvian design. I was immediately in LOVE with it! I loved that it was something truly unique to me as a Bride. Neha even asked me if I would like to make any changes and to have my fiancé look it over to make sure it was culturally appropriate. I loved that! She had so much respect for the Peruvian culture that she wanted to make sure she didn't incorporate anything into her work that wasn't correct. 
On my mehndi day, Neha was so professional and courteous. She was punctual and got to work right away. She even took care to make sure nothing would get mehndi on it like carpet & furniture. She was so quick and did all my bridal mehndi to my preferences. Even matching the paisley designs in my wedding sari! She was so kind and respectful towards all my family that was there, accommodating to their special requests for Ganesh designs, Raas/Garba themes and even Radha/Krishna! My wedding experience wouldn't have been as memorable and well adorned if it was not for Neha and #theNehaAssarExperience! She is unmatched in her trade. I have never seen any henna artist provide the level of service she does. I've even recommended her to others and when they've gone with other artists they always say afterwards that "they should've gone with Neha!" Even though I'm already married, I love seeing the henna designs she's done for new Brides! I love all her custom pieces and love that she incorporates the couples stories and backgrounds into her artwork from college mascots like Tommy the Trojan to the Chicago skyline and even the Taj Mahal!"  

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